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The following is a selection of my reels, scenes, trailers, behind the scenes teasers/interviews, and short films. To view more videos, please visit Fireshoe’s Vimeo or YouTube page.

Fireshoe Demo Reel
My production company

Acting Reel 2023
Newly Updated

Scenes from The Last Rescue (from Fireshoe Prod.)
5 mins of clips from the World War II drama with Hallie in a large supporting role as a resourceful Army nurse.

Scenes from Last Seen in Idaho (from Fireshoe Prod.)
3 minutes of scene clips from the thriller with Hallie in the lead role as a tough heroine with a checkered past.

Scenes from Get Naked (from Extra Butter Prod.)
2 mins of scene clips from the quirky comedy with Hallie in a supporting role as an eccentric, inept therapist.

Scenes from Losing Addison (from FauxMeme Prod.)
2 minutes of scene clips from the crime drama with Hallie in a supporting role as an aggressive district attorney.

Movie Trailer: BIGFOOT KILLED MY WIFE (from Fireshoe)
Coming soon! To be notified of its release, sign up for the mailing list on my Contact Page or on the movie website

Movie Trailer: BAYOU CAVIAR (from Fireshoe)
Originally premiered theatrically in major cities nationwide. Now available on Hulu.

Movie Trailer: LAST SEEN IN IDAHO (from Fireshoe)
Originally premiered on Showtime. Now available on Peacock and other streaming services.

Movie Trailer: THE LAST RESCUE (from Fireshoe)
Originally premiered on Redbox. Now available on Tubi and other streaming services.

Behind the Scenes – Last Seen in Idaho (chase scene)
Hallie in interview and BTS footage filming an epic chase scene.  For 52 minutes of BTS, visit the movie website.

Wingman, a short film (from Sunny Roe Prod.)
Hallie plays a sweet, lovestruck heroine in this 3 minute romantic comedy.