LAST SEEN IN IDAHO (suspense-thriller)
Actress: Summer (lead)
Writer, Producer, Editor

This suspense-thriller is about a woman awakens from a coma after a car accident and begins having shocking visions of her future murder. It’s a race against the clock as she tries to solve and prevent her own murder. The film also stars Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Wes Ramsey (General Hospital), and Shawn Christian (Famous in Love). Loved making this movie with such a talented cast & crew! Available on SHOWTIME as well as DVD and VOD platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox, PlayStation, and local cable/satellite providers. The DVD has 52 minutes of Behind the Scenes on it.

BAYOUR CAVIAR (crime-drama)
Actress: Lindsey (principal)

This crime-drama is Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut, and my production company Fireshoe Productions produced it. Gooding also plays the lead role, a boxer in the twilight of his career, and the ensemble cast is rounded out with Famke Janssen (X-Men franchise), Katharine McPhee (Scorpion), and Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland’s Opus). Filmed in New Orleans, it was released on October 5th, 2018 for a limited nationwide-theater run. It’s now available on the STARZ channel and on VOD.
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Actress: 1st Lt. Vera Cornish (ensemble/lead)
Writer, Producer, Editor

It was definitely challenging to shoot a period piece war film on an indie budget, but it was such a rewarding challenge, and everyone rallied together to make it happen. Originally a Redbox premiere in the USA, this World War II drama has since been released in over a dozen countries and is available now on Amazon Prime and iTunes. More info:

GET NAKED! (comedy)
Actress: Therapist (supporting)

In this satirical comedy starring Eric Roberts, I played a self-absorbed therapist that the main character confides in. Our scenes intercut with the main story line throughout the majority of this silly caper-style movie. The film won “Audience Choice Award” at the Culver City Film Festival in December. Watch it on now Amazon streaming. Get Naked! on IMDB.

GPS THE MOVIE (horror-comedy)
Actress: Frankie (supporting)

If you want to dig deep into the archives, you can rent my first film GPS The Movie via Netflix DVD, or you can purchase it on the movie website. It’s a campy, silly summertime thriller set in the Pacific Northwest. College friends embark into the wilderness on a GPS treasure hunt but soon discover a masked killer is playing a different game. As the friends are murdered one by one, the dwindling survivors must reach the final coordinates in order to save one of their own and unmask the killer. Watch the trailer or buy the DVD here:


BIGFOOT KILLED MY WIFE (comedy) – currently filming
Actress: Suze (lead)
Writer, Producer, Editor

We are filming this comedy right now! When city slicker Justin’s snobby wife is killed in the backyard of their new country home, he is arrested for her murder. There’s a small complication though – Justin claims that Bigfoot is the real killer! The bulk of the movie takes place over one crazy day and night as Justin and his group of eccentric friends set off on a last-ditch effort to find Bigfoot and prove that the mysterious creature is the real wife-killer. I play the type-A, brainy character Suze, Justin’s lifelong platonic BFF… or is it really just platonic?

HELLBILLY HOLLOW (horror) – currently in post-production
Actress: Mabel (lead)

This horror film contains plenty of creative gore to satisfy the most bloodthirsty fans of the genre, but it also has some cool paranormal elements and fun humor too. I play the role of Mabel, a woman who stars in and produces her own YouTube series that showcases haunted places across America. In the story, Mabel is headed from California to a Halloween attraction in rural Alabama called Hellbilly Hollow to investigate and film with her crew. The film is directed by Kevin Wayne and also stars Wayne, Executive Producer Kurt Deimer, Megan Weaver, Trey Miller, and Keller Fornes. It’s currently in post-production.

LOSING ADDISON (psychological thriller) – completed & releasing soon
Actress: D.A. Dana Jones (supporting)

This psychological drama/thriller follows Les McCubbin, a young man who has spent his whole life in his twin brother Addison’s shadow. When Addison severs their psychic connection, Les doesn’t just lose his brother – he begins to lose himself… I play prosecuting attorney Dana Jones. It was amazing to film my scenes inside the historic Gus J. Solomon Courthouse in downtown Portland, OR. The film’s cast includes Sherilyn Fenn of the TV show Twin Peaks.  Losing Addison on IMDB.



THIS TIME TOMORROW (action-thriller)
Actress, Writer, Producer

I wrote this fun action-thriller screenplay, and Fireshoe is developing it. The story follows Michael, a former MMA fighter, who begrudgingly takes a catering job at a high-end corporate retreat in a secluded mansion. However, the pervasive secrecy surrounding the event, the armed security guards, a mysterious female guest, and a large clock on the wall counting down 24 hours makes Michael wary and suspicious. As dangerous events begin to unfold, Michael finds himself at the center of it all.

THE BROTHER (psychological thriller)
Actress, Writer, Producer

For the last year, city transplants and newlyweds Helen and Will have lived a secluded life in an old farmhouse deep in the woods, making trips into town only for monthly supplies. Helen is recovering from a traumatic attack in the city, and Will is running from a secret that even his wife doesn’t know about. One night, a mysterious stranger shows up at their door, claiming to be Will’s brother… and it changes everything. This psychological thriller film is full of chilling twists and turns, and it delves into themes involving grief, solitude, betrayal, healing, and connection.  

MISFITS IN A PEAR TREE (Christmas dramedy)
Writer, Producer

Abby, an imaginative, homeless eleven-year-old, enters a contest and wins an invitation for her and her mother to join a group of strangers at a four-day holiday extravaganza at a rich elderly man’s mountain lodge. When they arrive at the lodge, they meet a diverse group of holiday contest winners who all harbor their own secrets. Misfits in a Pear Tree is a Christmas comedy-drama currently in development with my production company.
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THE ALIENATED (sci fi mystery/thriller)
Actress, Producer

Five friends take a boat out on the lake, black out simultaneously, and wake up on the shore with no sign of the boat and no memory of how they got there… I’m playing one of the leads in this psychological thriller. It’s twisty, cerebral, eerie, and suspenseful. My character is very intelligent but also a bit neurotic and nerdy.