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Soundtracks for Writing, Daydreaming, and Living Fully

When I’m working on a screenplay or a novel or almost any piece of writing (this blog!), I like to listen to music that sets the mood and tone. Often times, I listen to film scores, a.k.a. soundtracks with music but no lyrics. Film scores can introduce beautiful thoughts and ideas into the moment and help get my creative juices flowing so I can get into “the zone.” But you definitely don’t have to be a writer to appreciate soundtracks. They are also great for daydreaming, driving, and doing the dishes. So here are some of my favorite soundtracks...

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A Very Novel First Line

What does the first line of a novel tell us about the book we are reading? If it’s good, it can tell us quite a lot about the journey we are about to embark upon. It can establish the unique voice of the narrator and give us a hint of tone, theme, characters, and plot. If it’s well done, a good first line can really hook you! So let’s take a look at the first lines of some novels I’ve read, from classic literature to recent contemporary novels. Note: You will notice that sometimes I quote more than a...

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Dark Poetry: The Drowning Series

With Halloween almost upon us, I figured if there was ever a time to revel in being dark, it’s right now. (Though it’s not like it needs to be Halloween for you to revel in darkness. If you’re feeling dark or sad or desperate or angry, you’re going to feel that way whether it’s Halloween, the 4th of July, or International Dog Day). In any case, it is almost Halloween, holiday of darkness, so I dug up some poetry I wrote during some of my days that didn’t feel exactly like summer breezes and unicorns frolicking in the meadow....

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Poetry: Tomorrow It Will Be Okay

Tomorrow It Will Be Okay One hundred years ago and the dust filled the sky Filled up the lungs of every man, woman, and child Because they’d ripped up the earth with the teeth of a plow Until dust darkened their days as it rose from the ground Swapped grassland for cropland and the soil screamed, No! And then the wind galloped in, and she started to blow You could choke on that air, so heavy with grit Through cracks in the house, through coughing fits But it was time to get rich on corn and wheat Besides, the...

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