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Last Seen in Idaho Screening: Gig Harbor Film Festival

On Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at 6:15PM, Last Seen in Idaho will screen at the Gig Harbor Film Festival. The entire line-up for the 4-day festival looks amazing, and I’m excited to not only screen but to attend and watch other films as well. In case you don’t know much about the film, I’ll share with you the trailer and give you a brief overview: Genre: Thriller/Mystery Story: A woman awakens from a coma after a car accident and begins having shocking visions of her future murder. It’s a race against the clock as she tries to solve and...

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Tiny Stories Inspired by the Art of Robert McGinnis

Last week, I came across an absolutely delightful piece of artwork that I could not stop pondering. It was a Robert McGinnis piece from 1960 of a man playing the piano. A cigarette dangling from his mouth, the man peered up at a woman sitting atop his piano. The woman’s face wasn’t shown, just her long legs and high-heeled feet. I thought, “Well, what’s going on here?” And I proceeded to write a (very, very) short story about the moment between these two characters. Inspired by this piece, I looked up Robert McGinnis online and poured over his other...

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Official Movie Trailer for Last Seen in Idaho

About ten years ago, I wrote a script called Last Seen at the Screaming Buddha. It was the second script I ever wrote, and it was the first incarnation of what would eventually become Last Seen in Idaho. That first draft was awful. I was an inexperienced screenwriter and I couldn’t seem to settle on what genre my story was. It was supposed to be a thriller yet I kept inserting witty (and not-so-witty) jokes. If you’re wondering why I don’t just write a comedy, well, I have. It just so happens that thus far only my dramas and thrillers have been produced. Throughout an entire decade, the Last Seen in Idaho script went through three different page one rewrites, which means it wasn’t simply revised but it was totally scrapped and written again from the blank page. On each page one rewrite, I only kept the main concept, a few key characters, and a couple critical scenes. That original script is fun to look at now for laughs. I do that every third Tuesday. Just kidding, of course. Though I did skim it once just before beginning my last and final page one rewrite of the story in 2015. Sometimes I do miss that original title, Last Seen at the Screaming Buddha…. but the story changed and the main character was no longer last seen at a bar...

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What’s Glamorous and What’s Not So Glamorous About Making Movies

Sometimes when people find out that I’m an actress and I work in the film industry, they make a comment about how glamorous it must be. Glamorous? Hmm. Well, working in the film industry is interesting, yes. Unusual, yes. Sometimes exciting, yes. But glamorous? Okay, maybe the premiere of a film can feel a little glamorous, sure. But making movies is pretty crazy and usually exhausting, and it’s hard work. That said, we are adults staging imaginary scenarios. What fun! That’s what kids do (minus the excessive on-set coffee abuse). But glamorous? I don’t know about that, but I’ll...

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