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Soundtracks for Writing, Daydreaming, and Living Fully

When I’m working on a screenplay or a novel or almost any piece of writing (this blog!), I like to listen to music that sets the mood and tone. Often times, I listen to film scores, a.k.a. soundtracks with music but no lyrics. Film scores can introduce beautiful thoughts and ideas into the moment and help get my creative juices flowing so I can get into “the zone.” But you definitely don’t have to be a writer to appreciate soundtracks. They are also great for daydreaming, driving, and doing the dishes. So here are some of my favorite soundtracks...

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Taylor Swift: Historical Primer, Reputation Review, and A Celebration of Chameleons

Taylor Swift’s sixth full-length album Reputation has finally arrived. After releasing her previous five albums like clockwork every two years, Taylor made fans wait an extra year to get their hands on this one. Twenty-seven-year-old Taylor’s music has evolved over time, and that is one of the things that I like about her most. As a writer, a filmmaker, and an actor, I love to tell stories in all kinds of genres and within different mediums. So the idea that I would feel compelled or required to write, produce, or perform only one specific thing is actually kind of…...

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October 2017 Must List

Summer vacations are long gone, back to school madness is over, and the holidays are still a ways away. This means you finally have time to read books, watch movies, listen to music, and appreciate art. Perfect! Because I have some recommendations for you. The Art of Peregrine Heathcote I recently stumbled across a painting by British artist Peregrine Heathcote, and I fell in love with his style and the warm, rich color tones of his work. Heathcote studied his technique in Florence, Italy, and in a 2010 interview when he was asked about his favorite subject matter, he...

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Why I Still Buy Physical CDs: Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Haim

Sometimes I look back on my childhood with a ridiculously high level of nostalgia. Back then, entertainment was not at our fingertips (on demand!) the way it is now. No, when I was a kid, if we wanted to watch a TV show, we sat down at the show’s designated time slot and watched it, ad breaks and all. And if a show were a favorite, and we were going to be gone when it aired, we popped a VHS in the VCR and we set it to record (and sometimes we mixed up AM for PM and came...

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Music Recommendation: Nothing But Thieves

My brother-in-law recently texted me multiple links to songs by the British alternative-rock band Nothing But Thieves. I checked it out and I immediately dug the songs. It took no warming up whatsoever, and I didn’t need to wait for the songs to grow on me. Right away, I liked them – a lot – so I promptly located the rest of their music. These young rockers have released one album thus far (the eponymous Nothing But Thieves), and in the last few years, they have gone from playing small clubs to selling out larger UK venues. They are...

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