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Poetry: Tomorrow It Will Be Okay

Tomorrow It Will Be Okay One hundred years ago and the dust filled the sky Filled up the lungs of every man, woman, and child Because they’d ripped up the earth with the teeth of a plow Until dust darkened their days as it rose from the ground Swapped grassland for cropland and the soil screamed, No! And then the wind galloped in, and she started to blow You could choke on that air, so heavy with grit Through cracks in the house, through coughing fits But it was time to get rich on corn and wheat Besides, the...

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Totally Blown Away in the Path of Totality

If you don’t understand the fervor and fever over Solar Eclipse 2017, I get it. Twenty-four hours ago, I was with you on this. But that was before I made it to the Path of Totality to see a TOTAL 100% solar eclipse. Last month, when I heard that people were traveling from around the world to see it, I thought they were a little crazy. I was wrong. Two days ago, I believed that a 95% eclipse or a 99% eclipse would be almost as cool as a total eclipse. I was wrong. Because yesterday morning, during those...

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A Cult Fascination with Cults

The holidays are such a nice time, right? All those scented candles and all those chocolates sitting on coffee tables. Hallmark plays Christmas movies that end with swelling music and cleared up misunderstandings. Radio stations refer to themselves as Santa FM for an entire month. It sure is lovely… But it can get a little old. Ready for some dark goodness? I have a fascination with cults. I feel almost bad saying that. People are manipulated and hurt by cults, and I’m fascinated with them? I have been for the better part of the last decade. In fact, my...

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Ryan Tedder for President

A review of OneRepublic’s Oh My My: I cannot stop listening to the new OneRepublic CD Oh My My, so I am going to profess my love for my favorite songs on the album. Not ranked in order of favorites but in order of track listing: Let’s Hurt Tonight – “They say love is pain. Well, darling, let’s hurt tonight.” When Ryan Tedder howls in this chorus, even coyotes are jealous. Future Looks Good – Are you feeling bleak about the outlook of our country or our melting planet or your overwhelming life or the fact that Riley Keough...

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Stories Matter

The stories we tell matter. They always have, and we’re living in a moment right now where that couldn’t be more true. How do we treat each other? What do we teach our children? The ways in which we interpret and internalize the things we read, watch, and absorb has an influence on how we view the world and treat each other. I don’t want to live in a country where young children believe that it’s okay to make fun of someone for having a disability or that it’s okay to rank women on a scale of 1 to...

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