About (Random & Fun)

Hallie loves…. learning the lay of a city by jogging it, a well-timed response of dry humor, obsessing over song lyrics, sitting in a hot tub outside when it’s snowing, colored markers, maps that fold out, the sound of distant trains in the middle of the night, the spine of a favorite book, squat jumps & skater hops & high knee freezes & mountain climbers, privacy, metaphors, reading by a crackling wood fireplace, word games with timers, dark love stories, cherry trees blooming in the spring, a memorable final line to a book or poem or essay, neighborhoods where all the houses look different, inside jokes that last for decades, World Cup, the Olympics, the view from a plane or rooftop deck or Ferris wheel, handwritten letters, rubberized tracks, people-watching behind dark sunglasses, a long breath held underwater, walking after dark, really tall hedges, a killer bridge that makes the entire song, unbridled laughter, and being with loved ones.

About (Standard & Professional)

Hallie is a writer, actress, producer, and editor, and she is the co-owner of Fireshoe Productions. She graduated with honors with a B.A. in English from Western Washington University where she ran varsity track and cross-country. Hallie is currently producing Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Louisiana Caviar, starring Gooding Jr., Famke Janssen, Katharine McPhee, and Richard Dreyfuss.

In addition to producing, Hallie wrote the suspense/thriller Last Seen in Idaho and played the lead role. Hallie also produced, co-wrote, and co-edited the World War II drama The Last Rescue, in which she played the supporting role of an Army Corps nurse. She can be seen in the role of a self-absorbed psychotherapist in Extra Butter Pictures’ satirical comedy Get Naked starring Eric Roberts.

Hallie has many upcoming projects: She is attached as one of the lead actors in the sci-fi psychological mystery The Alienated, and she is co-producing the upcoming horror film Beyond Repair with Producer Eric Gitter (Atomic Blonde). She has multiple projects in development through her own company. Hallie also serves on the Advisory Board of Shoreline Community College’s Performance Arts/Filmmaking program and mentors students through L.A.’s Film Connection program.