I was a guest on the Spotify Podcast “Filmmaking Conversations with Damien Swaby,” and that conversation is live now! You can listen to it with your Spotify app or visit this link:
Hallie Shepherd on Filmmaking Conversations with Damien Swaby

I had a great time being on the show. Damien asked some really thought-provoking questions about my past films, especially Last Seen in Idaho and Bayou Caviar. I also shared some details about my upcoming film Bigfoot Killed My Wife, and we talked shop about filmmaking in Damien is a filmmaker from the UK, and his podcast gives inspiration and guidance to the next generation of filmmakers. I was the guest for the 147th episode, which means there are tons of episodes to choose from (after you listen to my episode, that is. Ha!).

Damien’s films include Black Lives Matter UK, which debuted at The BFI, and The People of Brixton, distributed by KweliTV, as well as a short film called Grapes that caused me to reach for my tissue box.

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