Last year, I was flown to Alabama to play one of the lead actors in the horror film Hellbilly Hollow. My character, Mabel, is a star of a YouTube show that investigates haunted places and attractions. In the film, I set off with my YouTube crew on a road trip that will take us to a Halloween attraction in rural Alabama. It’s a place with a mysterious and dark history, and recent guests are beginning to disappear from there. Hay rides apparently aren’t so innocent…

The film is directed by Kevin Wayne, executive produced by Kurt Deimer, and written by Bernadette Chapman. Both Wayne and Deimer are also in the cast along with Trey Miller, Megan Weaver, and Keller Fornes.

Check out the movie trailer:

Hellbilly Hollow has its first theatrical screening tonight as the Hellbilly Hollow-ween North American Tour kicks off. The film premieres tonight in Frenchtown, NJ along with live music from Bald Man Band. There are currently 17 dates scheduled in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and California, with more dates still being added. Below is the flier with current screening info, or visit the Bald Man Band website for up-to-date info. 

Masks are required (and they will also help to muffle your screams). Bwahaha! Happy (early) Halloween! Be safe out there.


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