New music alert! King Princess has only released six full-length songs to date – including today’s new song: “Cheap Queen” – but all six songs are fantastic pop gems. Born Mikaela Straus, King Princess is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, musician, and producer, and she identifies as genderqueer and gay.

In 2018, famed music producer Mark Ronson released her first single, the soulful “1950”, and since then she has gained a cult following particularly among LGBTQ teens. I don’t fit that specific audience demographic, but good music doesn’t fit into any specific audience demographic. Good music is good music, plain and simple. And this is good music!

King Princess has a musical style that I gravitate towards: The songs are pop with a lot of soul. They are smooth, and there is a wisdom and edginess beyond her years in the lyrics and in the way she sings them. Her music is primarily mid-tempo with strong underlying drum beats and catchy hooks buoyed by strong metaphor, raw lyrics, and her melodic voice. In a few words, King Princess’s music is empowering, sexy, and edgy, yet also sweet.


From the yearning break-up song “Talia”
Hey, my love
I buried you a month or two ago
I keep thinking that you’re standing on my floor
That you’re waiting there for me
Hey, my love
You’ve walked out a hundred times out of us
Supposed to know this time that you wouldn’t call
That you wouldn’t come home

From the soulful, blues-inspired “1950”
I love it when we play 1950
It’s so cold that your stare’s ’bout to kill me
I’m surprised when you kiss me

So tell me why my gods look like you
And tell me why it’s wrong

Today’s new single “Cheap Queen” is a slinky piano-infused song with a throwback feel. It’s catchy and has a bouncy, talky feel to it. It’s our first look at new music from her upcoming full-length debut album, which I am eagerly anticipating.

With only six full-length songs, I suggest that you give them all a listen and see which ones you like best. Because King Princess is an artist who is clearly here to stay.

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