I just spent the last month in rural Alabama playing one of the lead roles in a horror film called Hellbilly Hollow. The film is a slasher movie with paranormal elements and some humor too (as you may have gathered from the title).

I play the role of Mabel, a woman who stars in and produces her own YouTube series that showcases haunted places across America. In the story, Mabel is headed from California to a Halloween attraction in rural Alabama called Hellbilly Hollow to investigate and film with her crew: Boyfriend and show producer James (Trey Miller), camera operator Ally (Megan Weaver), and sound mixer Eric (Keller Fornes).

I really loved playing Mabel as she was a character who was full of energy, confident, and outspoken, sometimes to the point of being harsh. And as a bonus, I get to have running scenes in the film. If you’ve seen me in the thriller Last Seen in Idaho, you know I like to run!

The film was directed by Kevin Wayne, executive-produced by Kurt Deimer, and written by Bernadette Chapman. Kevin and Kurt also play roles in the film (downright creepy ones with some cool FX make-up).

When the movie is released, Hellbilly Hollow will satisfy the most bloodthirsty of slasher fans out there, because it has some very creative death scenes in it. That’s all I’ll say for now!

When I’m able to share more details and photos of the film, I will definitely do so. For now, some of the info is being kept under wraps as the film moves into post-production (editing, sound, music, visual effects, etc.), so stay tuned for more!


Hallie Shepherd is a writer, actress, and film producer. Follow her on Instagram where she celebrates the stories we tell.