I don’t have thousands of extra dollars to walk into an art gallery and pick out my favorite pieces.  Most of us don’t. But oh, I do love art! I want it surrounding me and staring at me smiling at me and sighing at me.

Recently, I decorated my writing nook with art that really spoke to me, and it’s now my favorite space in the house. I filled my nook by purchasing pieces from very talented artists who sell their work on the Society 6 website. I bought ten pieces and covered the three walls that I see when I’m seated at my writing desk. The cost of the art pieces varied from $12 – $40 (mostly depending on size), plus the cost of framing which I did at a local frame shop. Now obviously these aren’t original art pieces. They’re reproductions which Society 6 prints on archival paper and ships to you in rolled up poster containers. But once they were framed, they looked amazing!

Every piece of art that I displayed in my writing nook was created by a different artist, and every frame looks different too. Yet together, they form a cohesive look that I feel like represents my spiraling, moon-hopping, unicorn-chasing, dark corridor-falling, and cloud-flying mind.

I’m excited to I’ll share with you some of the artists and some of the artwork that I chose for my creative writing space…Italian painter Agnes Cecile creates eerie, lovely, often sad watercolor portraits, primarily of women and girls. Her Instagram page also features her traveling photos and her fiery red hair.
Agnes on Instagram


Frank Moth’s digital collages and nostalgic postcards are eye-popping treats for anyone who loves vintage imagery and art.
Frank on Instagram
Frank’s Website


Charlie Bowater creates fantasy illustrations with characters that show strength and vulnerability.
Charlie on Instagram

Joanna Viheria
is whimsical, mysterious, and often dark in her surreal paintings.
Joanna on Instagram


Davide Bonazzi is an Italian illustrator whose work often has thought-provoking themes and messages.
Davide’s website


Beth Hoeckel, an illustrator from Baltimore, creates collages and mixed media art that has a vintage feel.
Beth on Instagram
Beth’s website


Russian acrylic painter Tanya Shatseva creates dreamy illusions that draw you in to their magic and madness.
Tanya on Instagram
Tanya’s website


Caroline Mint is a fine art photographer who especially loves photographing Paris, Wesley Bird is a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer who creates fun images, and Daniela la Ruiz de Esparza is a digital artist from Mexico with a passion for animation.

Caroline on Instagram

Wesley on Instagram

Wesley’s Website

Daniela on Facebook

Feeling inspired now? It’s never too late to decorate or redecorate your favorite space to make it really, truly yours.


Hallie Shepherd is a writer, actress, and film producer. Follow her on Instagram where she celebrates the stories we tell.