Month: May 2017

The Thrill of Armchair High Altitude Mountaineering on Everest

Three years ago, it was one o’clock in the morning, but I could not go to sleep because there was a traffic jam at the Hillary Step on Mt. Everest and I was afraid the climbers were all going to die. Okay, I should clarify a few things. I am not a mountain climber and I have never been on Mt. Everest. I was watching Discovery Channel’s documentary TV-series Everest: Beyond the Limit from the comfort of my own couch and warm living room. But that’s a minor detail, really, because halfway across the globe, there was a traffic...

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Tiny Stories Inspired by the Art of Robert McGinnis

Last week, I came across an absolutely delightful piece of artwork that I could not stop pondering. It was a Robert McGinnis piece from 1960 of a man playing the piano. A cigarette dangling from his mouth, the man peered up at a woman sitting atop his piano. The woman’s face wasn’t shown, just her long legs and high-heeled feet. I thought, “Well, what’s going on here?” And I proceeded to write a (very, very) short story about the moment between these two characters. Inspired by this piece, I looked up Robert McGinnis online and poured over his other...

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Alison Arngrim (aka Nellie Oleson)’s Confessions of a Prairie Bitch Show

I grew up watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie (LHOTP), the TV show which was inspired by the book series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. As little girls, my sister and I would act out the scenes as we watched LHOTP on syndication. I would portray the older sister Mary and my sister would play Laura. Now, that’s actually a bit funny since I am actually the younger sister, but I liked Mary’s long blonde hair better than Laura’s brown braids and thus insisted. You know, four-year-old logic. Well, the joke was on me, wasn’t it? Because...

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