Month: January 2017

Why Sylvia Plath’s Novel The Bell Jar was Groundbreaking for Mental Health Progress

In 1963, Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar was published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas. This was before the day when memoirs were commonplace. Plath’s novel very much parallels her own life and her own struggle with mental illness so while it’s not technically a memoir, with all that we now know about Plath’s life, we understand that it kind-of-sort-of is. ¬†Initially Plath was hesitant to write about her own personal experiences, but eventually, after encouragement from other writer friends, she did so but in novel form where names and details were changed. In order for us to understand...

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What’s Glamorous and What’s Not So Glamorous About Making Movies

Sometimes when people find out that I’m an actress and I work in the film industry, they make a comment about how glamorous it must be. Glamorous? Hmm. Well, working in the film industry is interesting, yes. Unusual, yes. Sometimes exciting, yes. But glamorous? Okay, maybe the premiere of a film can feel a little glamorous, sure. But making movies is pretty crazy and usually exhausting, and it’s hard work. That said, we are adults staging imaginary scenarios. What fun! That’s what kids do (minus the excessive on-set coffee abuse). But glamorous? I don’t know about that, but I’ll...

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Snowy Winter Reads

Baby, it’s cold outside! It’s winter time, which means I love to read books that take place in snowy, cold (sometimes dismal) settings. You can really feel the atmosphere of these cold settings while staying warm inside. The following are some books I’ve enjoyed that are the iciest of icy: Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys – In Lithuania in 1939, the Soviet secret police ship 16-year-old Lina, her mother, and her brother to a labor camp in Siberia. In case you didn’t know, Siberia is REALLY F*CKING COLD. This book is written with simple but beautifully effective...

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